• Add Videos to/from YouTube using this tool. You have 3 options of adding video with the YouTube Uploader:

    Upload New Videos Through Traqmate Share with your Linked YouTube Account.

    Add Existing YouTube Videos to Traqmate Share

    Add YouTube Videos that were uploaded by other users.

  • Uploading Data with the Data Uploader

    The Data Uploader is on the "Data" tab for each track. It allows you to upload .tqm and .tqs files from the Traqmate Traqview Software v3.40.


  • Are the videos and data I upload publicly viewable?
    Yes, all data uploaded through Traqmate Share is publicly viewable in order to share with the entire racing community.
  • What's the difference between Data and Video uploads?
    Data files contain the recorded GPS information from a Traqmate device and can be opened in Traqview. Video files do not contain GPS information except for overlays that have been added into the video (if any).