Bushy Park

Clive Bowen was invited in 2005 by Ralph ‘Bizzy’ Williams to oversee the season finale of the Bajan saloon car championship at Bushy Park, an event which attracted 15,000 spectators. He was brought in to the country to review the circuit’s options to upgrade the 1971 built track to a minimum FIA Category 3 status. The land for the site is currently under control by receivers and the opportunity to develop the facility for future motorsport is in question. One thing is certain; there is no doubt about public support for motorsport in Barbados or the willingness of those in the sport to see the circuit upgraded. Ongoing discussions between Clive Bowen and Bajan authorities maintain hope for the future of the circuit even as recently as May 2008.

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    Bushy Park, Barbados Rally Carnival 2005 Shaking down the Fluke WR1C at Bushy Park, Barbados. Just generally tooling about brake testing, feeling the handling and checking settings. More videos available at http://www.fluke-motorsport.co.uk/videos/ http://www.racedandrallied.com http://www.kitcar-trader.co.uk

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