Croix en Ternois

The circuit Croix en Ternois was built back in 1973, and has a succession of slow, tight corners.

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    K2RUM 2008 Track Day Croix en Ternois A more up to date video showing K2RUM after its 2006 overhaul - a back to spaceframe rebuild with a fresh engine and with the Quaife sequential gearbox installed. This video was shot on a rather wet track day at Croix en Ternois in Northern France organised by BHP Trackdays ( a small UK trackday company who organise some of the best value and highest quality events out there. Its pretty slippery, and the inital part of the video requires a very cautious approach as the car is on road tyres at this event, having been driving to and from the event without drama. Not bad for a car with over 600bhp/tonne! Sadly the video from later in the day failed to record, whihc was most doissapointing as on a dry track times were down to 58 secs, and we had the chance to put a 997GT3 RS which was fully race prepped, well and truly in its place - up the straight, as well as in the corners. The car is for sale, and intersted parties are asked to contact With the fastest top speed ever recorded by a Caterham under its belt, if you are in the market for a seriously quick car which can see off any production car on circuits like Croix, then this is the car for you. Hope you like my improved efforts in the Sony Vegas editing suite, and I hope to add some other videos of this great car soon.

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