Johor Circuit

Built in 1986, the Johor Circuit is the first international class motor racing circuit outside of the Klang Valley. It initially catered to the growing local enthusiasts but soon gained recognition not only regionally, but also internationally. Although it was then a comparatively new circuit, its challenging 3.86km configuration soon attained respect and admiration amongst the racing fraternity. In 1990, just four years after it was built, the circuit was upgraded to the strict FIM World GP homologation requirements. In 1998, it hosted the World Motorcycle Grand Prix Championship. Ever since then, it has been hosting regular local and regional events.

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    JOHOR CIRCUIT TRY OUTS - SUBARU IMPREZA WRX GDA (STi Spec) This video is showing how JBKing (Abg Rosli - Johor Circuit's very own Race Driver) Drove Suhaimi's 2003 SUBARU IMPREZA WRX GDA in relax mode but still manage to achieve the astonishing 2:05.9 seconds Flying Lap!!!! I am totally jealous of him... how he can drive so FAST????

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