Prince George (East London Race Track)

Prince George Circuit is a 2.436 miles (3.9 km) race circuit in East London in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. Opened in the 1930s, it hosted the South African Grand Prix in 1934, and 1936 to 1939 when racing was halted due to World War II. Modified to meet Formula One regulations in 1959, the track was built into a seaside amphitheater. It hosted three rounds of the F1 South African Grand Prix in the 1960s. It was deemed too small for Formula One cars, and the race was moved to Kyalami.

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    2010, May, East London Race 3 One of the most exciting races of the season, with a lot of action and paint swapping. This race was a really action packed, with Subaru Timken race driver, Hennie Groenewald overtaking the Team Afrox BMW to take the win. Aldo Scribante in East London is a race track that really shows off the true abilities of the Subaru WRX STI's All-Wheel drive system.

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