Zwartkops Race Track

Zwartkops race track is an undulating road circuit 2,4 kilometres long circulated in a clock-wise direction. It has been designed to FIA/FIM International standards for racing vehicles of all categories with the exception of Formula One and Moto GP.

The track has a width of 10 metres over its entire length with the starting straight past the Pits, 12 metres wide. The run off areas and safety measures were designed utilising the speed profile of vehicles which can achieve lap times as low as 55 seconds.

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    MR2 at Zwartkops Raceway with Porsche & BMW clubs I attended a track day with Porsche & BMW clubs @ Zwartkops Raceway in South Africa in July 2009. My 1st session was with Brian White as passenger. Brian as an experienced racing driver who raced Porsches all over the world. The 1st part of the video is where I pass a race Porsche, and the 2nd part is where Mr. Trafoyer snr spilled oil causing cars to spin out in front of us.

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