Gotland Ring

Gotland Ring is a premium racetrack and multi-functional motorsport facility on the Swedish island of Gotland, the most popular tourist resort in Sweden.

The circuit - designed by the founder Alec Arho Havrén - will be FIA-inspected for international racing Q2 2009. However, corporate edutainment and testing is the main focus even in the future. In its final format - with a main circuit profile of 28 km - Gotland Ring will become the longest racetrack in the world.

Global and Pan-European automotive new model launches have dominated Gotland Ring's cash flow during 2007. Gotland Ring has been selected as the only environmentally profiled race & test track in the world €“ hence the choice of a Pan-European launch of the hydrogen driven Honda FCX in June 2007. October 15-Nov 2, BMW conducted its global new model launch on Gotland Ring, resulting in their best ever product launch media coverage.

Six separate circuits will allow flexible utilisation of the facility; simultaneous testing and corporate events can be executed on different parts of the extensive complex. Top experts and racing champions already consider the now existing operational Gotland Ring profile as one of the most technical and exciting in the world.

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