Bedford Autodrome

Bedford Autodrome is based at a 400 acre site that was originally part of the former Royal Aerospace Establishment Bedford airbase. The development has been the brainchild of Jonathan Palmer for five years, and the venue has been painstakingly evolved to provide the most magnificent driving experience.

The complex includes four main separate circuits, that can be run concurrently, amalgamated to form a 3.6 mile "Gran Turismo" circuit, or used in one of no fewer than 34 different configurations. Nowhere in the world can such a variety of tracks be enjoyed at one site.

Palmer loves his cars and his driving, and it shows in the circuit layouts he has designed. A wonderful variety of corners include exhilarating high speed sweeps, S bends, slalom sections and hairpins. It's all there to be mastered at Bedford Autodrome. Safety though has been a paramount consideration. With no motor racing taking place, there is no requirement for Armco barriers to protect spectators, so wide run off areas abound. The circuit has been engineered to incorporate latest construction principles and materials, and uses a low noise stone mastic asphalt surface to the highest tolerances of smoothness.

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