Oulton Park

Built into the natural contours of the Cheshire countryside, Oulton Park's combination of stunning scenery and spectacular racing make it one of the most picturesque and cherished circuits for spectators and competitors alike.

Oulton Park has always been popular with fans due to the superb views of the circuit available from the spectator bankings. A new viewing area has been constructed at Lodge Corner over the winter break, offering even better views of the action on track. Crowds of up to 35,000 regularly visit the circuit for the annual round of the British Touring Car Championship.

As well as the BTCC, the Cheshire track hosts two rounds of the British Superbike Championship, the British F3/GT Championships and the HSCC Gold Cup - where some of the finest saloon cars, sports cars and single seaters from the past 70 years of the sport roll back time and take to the track.

Oulton Park is situated next to Little Budworth and is best accessed from the A54 and the A59.

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    ONBOARD Paul Radisich at Oulton Park 1995 Ride onboard with Paul Radisich, this time at Oulton Park. The cars have spoilers (and, consequently, downforce) for the first time. You can tell the difference as Radisich attacks the kerbs in his Mondeo V6.

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