The driver training and vehicle dynamics test track located at Gainesville Raceway this facility is totally separate within the complex, and was designed and built specifically to be used for advanced driver training programs and multipurpose vehicle testing. Driver training for emergency vehicle operators, aspiring racecar drivers, and the private rentals will offered at this location.

The track, which offers a mix of different types of curves, corners, intersections and straight-aways, is an ideal venue for racecar, go-cart, of other vehicle testing and chassis setup, high performance vehicle familiarization, and all types of "ride and drive" programs offered by manufacturers and dealers.

Donald K. Robertson, Executive General Manager of Gainesville Raceway, assisted renowned course designer Alan Wilson with the design layout of the vehicle test track. This state-of-the-art, multi-purpose facility attracts users from around the country on a year round basis.

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