HomeStead Miami

A world class motorsports facility with an illuminated 1.5 mile oval track with 18-20 degree variable banking and a 2.21 mile full road course that serves home to premier NASCAR, IndyCar, and Grand-Am Rolex Sports Champioships Events each year.

The State-of-the Art Facility is available to rent year-round. Customized programs and special needs of the facility are available based on the customer needs.

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    A Clean Lap in an Exige at Homestead - 1:42.282 - Boatman - 2-9-13 This is just one clean lap at Homestead. I take turn 10 at about 6 tenths because I am still working back up the nerve in that turn given my prior experience hit the tire barrier there awhile back (see Video on my channel). Anyway, might help someone with the line.
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    NASA TTC Track Record Homestead-Miami Speedway Roval Jan 2013 Barely broke the NASA TTC track record on the HMS Roval (Grand-Am Course). It was a hot day and not the best conditions for a record attempt, but fresh Hoosiers made all the difference. I'm driving a Rotrex supercharged 1993 Mazda Miata making 183 rwhp. Had some fun chasing the TT3 Boss Mustang around the track.

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