Indianapolis Motor Speedway - Roadcourse

Indianapolis. No other word has more meaning in the history or auto racing in the United States, and since 1994 NASCAR has been carving out its own piece of that legacy. It's hard to imagine how thrilling it must have been in 1992 when a small group of stock-car drivers got a chance to drive their cars around this 2.5-miles of hallowed ground. That event, billed as a Goodyear tire test, was the first time stock cars had been on track at Indy, and stars like Dale Earnhardt long viewed that as one of the highlights of their legendary careers. Imagine what it must have been like for men who grew up with racing in their blood who never could have dared to dream of racing their stock cars on what had been territory only trod by €œopen-wheel cars.€Home of the Indy 500 and also F1 (6 car diabolical)

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