Mid America Motorplex

Mid America Motorplex was created to be a national-level recreational driving facility designed to handle racecars, streetcars, motorcycles, karts, and police cars. Many tracks have the traditional layout with concrete walls, short run offs, minimal facilities, and low visibility for spectators. It seems that most tracks are packed full of concrete walls that only reward damage with the high possibility of personal loss. At these other tracks, nearly every weekend an unlucky driver would hit a wall. The safety truck would pull the car off course, and then the flocks of people gathered around to take pictures and everyone just hoped that they would be luckier, smarter or safer. At MAM, we believe that tracks should be places to come together as a family and should have some modern day features as well. MAM has air-conditioned bathrooms that are clean, private climate controlled showers, a first aid station, and seating for 7000 guests that can view every turn and straight on the 217 acres of MAM. Great food is always available as well as air, water, and a self-serve race fuel station. Onsite management is another key factor in making the facility a great success. MAM offers members a country club style-driving club for cars, bikes, and karts, classroom instruction and qualified instructors, barrier free driving and only minutes from the metro Omaha area. The drag community was not forgotten and a sanctioned NHRA strip was built. The main difference is the separation of the facilities. Rolling Thunder Drag Strip operates simultaneously to the road course weekly. MAM is a motorsports complex that was designed to cater to all road racers, drag racers, and kart racers.

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