NOLA Motorsports Park

The most adrenaline packed activity in New Orleans -- whether your are into our 50mph rental go karts, 200mph cars or bikes or just sitting in the restaurants and watching the action, we've got something for you!

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    Spec Z feature race - May 2013 at Nola Motorsports Park Team Pelle Motorsports's #12 car wins the largest turnout for the Spec Z class in the Nola Region among a total of 4 cars. The Spec Z track record was reset with a fast lap of 1:54.8. The track layout at Nola Motorsports Park was the 2.75 North Track. Check us out on Facebook: Video provided by GoPro Hero2, Data and overlay provided by Traqmate and Traqstudio. PIP was created using Race Render 2.

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