Palmer Motorsports Park (Whiskey Hill)

On Whiskey Hill 7 miles off the Turnpike is Palmer Motorsports Park (PMP), the first true
road course in Massachusetts. Created for driver training, testing, and competitive events,
PMP is where you can pursue your passion for racing and speed.
Whiskey Hill Raceway: 2.3 miles long, 40-feet wide, 190 feet of elevation in an alpine wilderness.
Designed by grassroots racers and professional designers and carved from Whiskey Hill granite
(courtesy of J Read Corporation ) Whiskey Hill Raceway is an asphalt-paved rollercoaster.
The racing circuit was paved in 2014 and the green flag waved in May of 2015, with track rentals,
driving programs, and memberships available for all who share our passion for racing.

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