Gingerman Raceway

GingerMan provides a well-rounded weekend escape that appeals to a wide variety of family and team members that follow racing with their drivers. It is a racing venue. It is a getaway. It is a chance to feel life with your senses as well as the seat of your pants.

Developed by a racing enthusiast, so, drivers, can pace your adrenaline through the long sweeping turn two and set up for the tricky right-hander ahead. Keep in mind that as you live your dreams, there are a few other folks out there both on-track and off track that completely understand!

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  • Traqmate Share and Compare -  Added a Video
    Gingerman Raceway 6/23/13 Qualifying session, R Roberson SM #44 NASA Midwest Sunday's qualifying. 2nd lap should have been my quickest (.6 up on a 1:50.150 through T9 and then held up by #3). Bites. Watch Justin Hille pull it together at the exit of T11 on lap 3.
  • scrmblr2 -  Added a Video
    Gingerman 05 STi.mpg My second trip 2 Gingerman. 1st time with traqmate, cage, seats, bfg kdw;s
    • Looking good for the first time, nice setup.

      Added Fri, Jul 8, 2011 at 05:48 PM

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