Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch - 1.5

The benefits that Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch can provide you, your clients, your racing team, or your driving club are numerous. We're rentable any day of the week, for virtually anything from testing, engineering and development, to club events, and ride & drives. Our track consists of various configurations within a challenging 3.5 mile road course. Taking its cues from world-renowned courses, Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch's 3.5-mile road course features elements of the Long Beach Grand Prix Street Circuit, as well as one corner that is an exact duplicate of Moss Corner at the Mosport International raceway in Ontario Canada. Demanding drivers will find banked corners, blind drops, technical off-camber corners and plenty of lightning-fast straightaways. The two most popular configurations are a 2.2 mile road course, used primarily by our Ron Fellows Performance Driving School and Club Spring Mountain members, with a 37 foot minimum width throughout. The length of the upper road course, also known as the Radical Loop is used for our Radical Racing School and our Lotus Performance Driving School, and is 1.5 miles in length with elevation changes totaling approximately 50 feet.

The track was designed to be a learning tool for the Spring Mountain Advanced Driving School, LLC. and that is precisely why it is ideal to rent. The road course keeps the car in constant transition, which, from a racing/testing perspective, provides both the drivers and the engineers full feedback. For use by driving clubs, event companies, and Ride & Drives, the track is both a challenge and a pleasure to drive.

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