Portland International Raceway

Portland International Raceway is built on the former location of the World War II city of Vanport, which was wiped out by a 1948 flood. The Army Corps of Engineers sold the site to the City of Portland in 1960 and in 1961 the first Rose Cup races were held.

Portland International Raceway (PIR) is located in Portland, Oregon's Delta Park complex on the former site of Vanport, just south of the Columbia River.

The track hosts a Champ Car race every year and ICSCC and SCCA road racing and autocross events. The facility includes a drag strip and a motocross track.

The road course is almost perfectly flat and runs clockwise. Two track configurations are possible. One includes a hard chicane at the end of the front straight and involves twelve turns at length of 1.967 miles. Without the chicane, the track has nine turns an a lap length of 1.915 miles.

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    Wetlaps at PIR - 2012-05-04.mpg EVO2GO 2005 Lancer Evolution RS running very wet laps at Portland International Raceway during Cascades Sports Car Club HPDE event May 4th. Jake Tabor is giving tips on how to "surf" around the track when wet
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    Portland International Raceway 6/10/11 Cascade Sports Car Club HPDE A few laps of PIR at the CSCC HPDE on 6/10/11. Weather was mild (appr. 60-70 deg) and track dry. Track was run with the chicane at T1. Car is a 1994 Mazda Miata with stock engine, suspension modifications (coilovers, front swaybar) and DOT street tires (Bridgestone Potenza RE-11). The black Miata in front was a similarly prepared NA 1.6L. Both cars prepared by AR Autoservice in Lake Oswego, Ore. Thanks again to CSCC for putting on a great event.

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