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Cresson MotorSport Ranch is the first of its kind - a Country Club for motoring enthusiasts - including sports cars, race cars, and motorcycles. Established in 1996, the Ranch introduced and pioneered this new concept. Just as a golf country club centers its activities around a golf course, this club centers around a purpose-built road racing course. Two courses, actually, as a second road course has been added to the facility.

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  • Jason Stanley -  Added a Video
    944 Spec - Drivers Edge - MSR-C 1.7 CW - 1:32.0 Personal best and fast lap of the week end. Got an instructor with some 944 experience to go with my the second day so next time I have a feeling that I can improve this time .5s or more with what I learned with him. Unfortunately I slowed down with and instructor. When you only have 130hp, another ~200 lbs makes a big difference. The Drivers Edge, NASA Prepped '83 944 Spec #64 w/ '88 944 drive train. Hawk Blue front pads, ? rear pads, Toyo RA1s made in 06, custom swaybars, Koni shocks.vNASA Texas Region 944 Spec.

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